Parnther Attorneys, as a law firm that provides legal services in the Republic of Panama, have the legal, professional and ethical responsibility to protect privacy while maintaining the confidentiality of the personal data of our clients, employees, suppliers and others.

In compliance with Law 81 of March 26, 2019 (known as the Data Protection Law) we seek to protect the rights of individuals in their capacity as holders of their personal data, regarding the use of these data. For this purpose, we have prepared the following Data Protection Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) where we establish the rules of the handling, collection and use of your data:

  1. Scope:

    This Policy supplements all prior agreements, whether oral or written, between you and us regarding the handling of your personal, business, and financial information.

  2. Application Scope:

    This Policy applies to us, as custodian of the database and as the controller of your personal data, and to you as a person (individual or legal) as the owner of the data.

  3. Data Custodian:

    Parnther Attorneys.

  4. Personal data:

    Any information concerning individuals, which identifies or makes them identifiable.

  5. Confidential Data:

    Data that by its nature should not be of public knowledge or of unauthorized third parties, including those that are protected by law, by confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure, in order to safeguard information.
    In the cases of the Public Administration, refers to the data whose treatment is limited for the purposes of this administration or if you have the express consent of the owner, without prejudice to the provisions of special laws or the regulations that develops them. Sensitive data will always be restricted access.

  6. Sensitive data:

    It is the data related to the intimate sphere of its owner, or whose improper use may give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk to it.
    By way of example, personal data that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin are considered sensitive; religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs or convictions; trade union membership or political opinions; data relating to health, life, sexual preference or orientation, genetic data or biometric data, among others, subject to regulation and aimed at uniquely identifying an individual.

  7. Collection of personal data:

    We obtain your personal data directly from you or at your instruction and only in order to be able to provide you with the required legal services or to comply with special laws. We will keep your personal data as long as required to be able to provide you with legal services or in accordance with the minimum time required by the laws of the Republic of Panama. Except by administrative or judicial orders and following the parameters established by Panamanian laws, we will not disclose information to third parties without your prior authorization.

  8. Use of personal data:

    All persons who by their functions have access to your data are obliged not to disclose them.

  9. Rights of Data of Subjects:

    Holders may have access, rectify, cancel or object to the personal data provided.

  10. Validity of the Policy:

    This Privacy Policy will be in force at all times but may be updated from time to time to comply with the relevant laws.